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Residential & Commercial Drain Services in Akron and Cuyahoga, OH 

At Downs Drain Cleaning, we know drains and gutters like the back of our hands. Gutters are designed to direct water away from the foundation of your home.  The water can then be channeled away in several ways once it reaches ground level. Most often, a plastic tray is placed under the downspout, or some type of corrugated tubing is used to direct the water away from the home.

If you have a clog in a drain or the main sewer line, you need an experienced plumbing technician to perform a drain service. The experts at Down's Septic & Drain, LLC. offer drain cleaning in Summit County, OH and Cuyahoga, OH using the right techniques to clear any clog. 

Get in touch with us today at (330) 427-3770 for expert drain cleaning service in Akron, OH. 

Efficient Drain Cleaning Service in Akron, OH for Any Clog 

A single approach cannot be used to effectively remove every clog. The location of the clog and cause of the blockage inform our decision making for drain cleaning in Akron or Summit County, OH. Our plumbing technicians start with an inspection to identify the cause of the drain clog, so we can provide an effective and lasting drain service in Akron, OH.

We use a variety of chemical processes and mechanical methods for clearing clogs in drains and sewer lines. For example, mechanical root cutting tools can be used to eliminate tree roots and other clogs. Sewer jetting is effective for removing many different types of clogs and cleaning out the inside of the pipe walls to remove all debris and restore the line. 

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Safe, Effective Drain & Septic Products 

The drain cleaning chemicals that are typically sold in stores are not the best choice for tackling a clogged drain. These products are not very effective, and the harsh chemicals may cause damage to the drainpipe, especially if they are used frequently. We only use safe and effective drain and septic products for drain cleaning in Summit County, OH, such as RootX. 

The Best Root Killer for Drains

Unlike chemical drain cleaning products, RootX does not contain caustic chemicals. The formula uses an aquatic herbicide that is safe for your plumbing and has the lowest Chemical Hazard Rating ISO. RootX foams on contact with water to safely and quickly kill roots that have intruded into your sewer line. 

RootX is effective for: 

  • Killing tree roots in drainpipes, sewer lines, storm pipes, septic tanks, and leach field lines
  • Restoring pipe flow
  • Eliminating roots without damaging the pipe
  • Killing roots to make mechanical cutting easier and faster

Comprehensive Grease Trap Cleaning 

In addition to drain cleaning, we offer grease trap cleaning services for commercial and restaurant grease traps. We provide the level of service that is best for each customer, from one time grease trap pumping to long term contracts to help make sure your traps are always clean and working properly. 

Our grease trap pumping services include: 

  • Complete removal of all water, grease, and food from grease traps
  • No recycling of grease trap contents
  • F.O.G. (Fats, oils, and greases) reports provided to your local city

At Down's Septic & Drain, LLC., we offer exceptional service and long-term solutions for all your drain cleaning, sewer line, and grease trap cleaning needs with upfront, flat rate pricing for our services. We always tailor our residential and commercial services to the specific requirements of each customer. 

How to Clean Downspout Drain Lines 

A professional drain cleaner may be able to unclog an underground drain pipe for you or you can try it yourself. The age and amount of debris that have accumulated in the pipes play a big part.  Older drains may be clogged by roots, especially if mature trees are close to the home.  

A running garden hose can be pushed down the pipe to see if that will unclog it quickly. However, DIY downspout cleaning can oftentimes make the situation worse. We recommend calling in the professionals to get it right the first time.

Why Choose Down's Septic & Drain for Drain Service in Akron, OH?

When it comes to your home and business’ septic and drain needs, it’s understandable that you want nothing but the best and will settle for nothing less. Our team of Summit County septic and drain technicians is here to deliver outstanding plumbing services from start to finish. Creating and maintaining happy customers for life is our primary goal, so we are dedicated to making outstanding first impressions that’ll make you want to keep coming back.

When you call Down’s Septic & Drain, you will receive:

  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction for every job we do
  • Friendly, trained, and experienced technicians who provide service with a smile
  • Flat rate and upfront pricing
  • Honest advice and feedback you can trust
  • Service from an accredited, award-winning company with an A+ rating from the BBB

Please contact us today (330) 427-3770 to schedule drain cleaning services in Akron, OH. 

  • “Downs Drain & Septic did an outstanding job. Every single employee who came to our house to assess the situation and resolve the problem was amazing!”

    Suzanne W.

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