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Medina Ohio Septic System BBB Approve

Downs Septic and Drain has acheived the Gold Star Award from the BBB

We Are Acredited By The Summit County Health District

We are proud to be accredited by the Summit County Health District.

We Are Registered with the Summit County Contractors

Downs Drain Cleaning and Septic Services is registered with Summit County as a licensed contractor.

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Are you ready for the new
requirements for home septic systems?

Medina Co septic systems inspections

Most sewage systems will fail at somepoint. A septic system is designed to have a lifetime between 20 to 30 years under the best conditions.

Downs' Septic Professionals are licensed and approved by the State of Ohio EPA as septic service providers. You can see our certification on page 2 here: Registration #32090

Serving Summit & Medina Counties Since 1965!

Our new Juggler Green Septic Pumping Truck!

The Jugglerâ„¢ technology is a patented process that combines a dual-chamber tank, an innovative suction method and a physical and mechanical treatment unit for septic wastewater. Downs Septic Pumping Trucks